The ORHA Team

Our team at ORHA includes our staff and board as well as our community partners, the contractors we work with, our funding resource partners and others.

We work together to help make your experience to find support as easy as possible.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of dedicated individuals who coordinate and oversee all of our support programs.

  • Timothy Peters, Executive Director
  • Kimberley Adee, Finance Manager
  • Barbara DiMartin, Program Manager
  • Bridget Stith, Associate Program Manager

Our Board of Directors

The ORHA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from throughout the rural community who act under the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. A copy of our Articles and By-Laws can be obtained upon request.

  • Greg Crowell, President
  • Karen Walker, Vice President
  • Jessica Baker, Treasurer
  • Sue Miller, Secretary
  • Sheryl Champen
  • John Tedesco
  • Adam Freniere