Timothy Peters, Executive Director
Gregory Crowell, Board President

Our Mission: To improve chronic housing conditions by undertaking county-wide programs and initiatives that address the practical realities of providing decent, affordable housing in a low-wage, agricultural area.

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Providing Affordable Housing and Home Safety Initiatives
Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc. (ORHA) serves rural, low-income residents, the elderly, and residents with disabilities in Otsego County, NY. Our programs connect those needing assistance with support, resources and funding to improve living conditions and provide an enhanced quality of life.

Welcome to the ORHA website!

Please bookmark the site to keep up with new programs, activities, and opportunities.

On January 1st, ORHA began weekly drawings for a new raffle fundraiser with cash prizes each week (winners will be drawn every Friday from January 1 through May 14)! Winners are ...
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When shopping on-line consider shopping AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile offers the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The only difference is that when you shop AmazonSmile, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to Otsego Rural Housing, Inc. Click here to choose ORHA as your selected Charity and then shop using smile.amazon.com! ...
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The Otsego County Board of Representatives is implementing a $200,000 COVID-19 Emergency Rental Relief Program to assist resident-renters facing financial hardship as a result of layoff, reduced employment, or non-retention by their seasonal employer. The program will provide rental payments for three months directly to landlords on behalf of eligible households. The program will be implemented by Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc., a local non-profit organization. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Eligibility criteria include the following:
  • Applicants’ annual household incomes (prior to March 13, 2020) may not exceed 80% of the county median (e.g., $43,600 for a household of 2 persons; $49,050 for a household of 3 persons);
  • Applicants must provide documentation of job loss arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g., layoff notice, notice of reduced hours, physician’s letter;
  • The layoff or job loss must have occurred on or subsequent to March 13, 2020;
  • Applicant-renters must have a current written lease agreement with the property owner which states the monthly rental amount – utility payments are not covered;
  • Tenants and landlords must sign written agreements attesting to the terms and conditions of this assistance.
Full eligibility and application materials are available from Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc., PO Box 189, Milford NY 13807 (607-286-7244), or via their web site: www.otsegoruralhousing.org. Application for Otsego County COVID Rent Relief Program
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Download Word Document Otsego Rural Housing Assistance, Inc. is a registered 501(c(3) not for profit organization that has been supporting the housing needs of low income, elderly, and disabled residents of Otsego County since 1984. ...
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